This is where managers can mould, train and develop the young stars of the future. Under 23 teams play in four leagues with the Elite Group being the top division and three Groups below.

There will be promotion and relegation to and from the Elite Group and teams will play a minimum of 18 games every season.

Teams are rewarded for sheeting and developing their squads, players pick up abs from playing league matches and weekly Academy Coaching training sessions.

Clubs recieve new under 23 players twice a season based on their Academy rating as below:-

Level 1 Academy = 1 player, Level 2 Academy = 2 players, Level 3 = 3 players, Level 4 Academy = 4 players, Level 5 Academy = 5 players


The bottom 3 in the Elite league will relegate to the groups below
The top team in each group will promote to the Elite league.

The second placed teams in each group, along with the 9th placed Elite team
will then playoff for a place in the top league

Elite Group Table - Elite Group Fixtures

Group A Table -- Group B Table -- Group C Table
Group A Fixtures -- Group B Fixtures -- Group C Fixtures

U23s League Cup