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Bottom two clubs are relegated and replaced by two new clubs to keep the league fresh.
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Season 3
Champions:  Tottenham Hotspur (Inzaghi) - 45pts
Runners Up:  Manchester United (Marco Silva) - 39pts
Relegated Clubs:  Nottingham Forest
Top Scorer:  Harry Kane 30 goals
Season 4
Champions:  Chelsea (Pompeywilson) - 52pts
Runners Up:  Manchester United (Ian Thompson) - 49pts
Relegated Clubs:  Wolves, Shrewsbury Town
Top Scorer:  Daniel Sturridge 30 goals (Chelsea)
Season 5
Champions:  Manchester United (deefa) - 63pts
Runners Up:  Liverpool (Redknapp) - 55pts
Relegated Clubs: Everton, Sheffield United
Top Scorer:  Harry Kane 37 goals
(Tottenham Hotspur)