Champions of Europe PBEM started in 2017 after the admin team had previously run other esmas based games.
The game ihas reformed after a shortened season 2, and were now in Season 3 with a European Superleague and Premier League.


E.F.A Football Association Cup

1st Round
Crystal_Palace - Sheffield_Wednesday
Leicester_City - AFC_Bournemouth
Aston_Villa - Millwall
Blackburn_Rovers - Derby_County
AFC_Wimbledon - Sheffield_United
Ipswich_Town - Preston
Norwich_City - Swansea_City
Birmingham_City - Rotherham_United
Bolton_Wanderers - Peterborough_United

Middlesborough - Shrewsbury_Town
Nottingham_Forest - Sunderland
Bradford_City - West_Brom
Southampton - Coventry_City

English League Cup

1st Round
Millwall - Aston_Villa_U21s
Aston_Villa - AFC_Bournemouth
Chelsea_U21s - Arsenal
Manchester_United_U21s - Rotherham_United
Swansea_City - Burnley
Portsmouth_U21s - AFC_Bournemouth_U21s
Crystal_Palace - Watford
Everton_U21s - Derby_County
Crystal_Palace_U21s - West_Brom
Sunderland - Leeds_United_U21s
Liverpool_U21s - Arsenal_U21s
Everton - Fulham
AFC_Wimbledon - Chelsea
West_Ham - Leicester_City
Middlesborough - Sheffield_Wednesday_U21s
Swansea_City - Shrewsbury_Town_U21s
Manchester_City - Burnley_U21s
Sheffield_United_U21s - Bradford_City
Newcastle_United - Preston
Ipswich_Town - Wolves_U21s
Blackbrun_Rovers - Fulham_U21s
Derby_County - Sheffield_Wednesday
Tottenham_Hotspur_U21s - Norwich_City
Manchester_United - Coventry_City
Ipswich_Town - Blackburn_Rovers_U21s
Newcastle_United_U21s - Sheffield_United
Bolton_Wanderers - Leeds_United
Manchester_City_U21s - Birmingham_City
Sunderland - Portsmouth
Tottenham_Hotspur - Coventry_City
Rotherham_United - Southampton_U21s
Liverpool - Nottingham_Forest
Leicester_City_U21s - Wolves
Norwich_City - Middlesborough_U21s

Coppa Del Rey
1st Round

1st Round

Football Association Cup History

The EFA established the FA Cup at start of Season 3 for the 10 English Clubs.

Season 3 Winners:  
Manchester United (Marco Silva)
Season 3 Runners-Up:

European Challenge Cup History

The EFA established the European Challenge Cup at start of Season 3 for the 10 European clubs..

Season 3 Winners:
Olympique Marseille
Season 3 Runners-Up:
Inter Milan

FA Charity Shield History
The FA Charity Shield is played between the Premier League Champions and the FA Cup Winners.

Season 3 Winners:
Manchester United

European Shield History
The European Shield is played between the European Superleague Champions and the Challenge Cup Winners.

Season 3 Winners:
Olympique Marseille

Champions League History

The Champions League is played in 2 Groups of 4 teams playing each other home and away. The top two in each group qualify for the Semi Finals.
The top 4 clubs in each league qualify for the Champions League.

Season 4 Winners:
Season 4 Runners Up:

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