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Welcome to Champions Of Europe PBEM we are now currently updating the game ready for our 6th Season.

This is the game where your the manager making the key decisions.  In your managerial career you will look to build your club by developing your stadium and facilities, on the field selecting the tactics and formations to make you successful.

Along the way you will need to be tough decisions regarding buying players, selling players, developing young talent and building a winning team.

Key Features:-

1st team and Unders 23's rosters, Club Features, Stadium Developements, Club Finances, Player Coaching, Superliga, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, Premier League & Championship, Cup Competitions, Champions League, World Club Championship and more...

Game Admins:  Redknapp (English Leagues), Inzaghi (European Leagues), Macca (U23s Leagues), Drum (ATM)

To find vacancies go to our managers forum, and sign up!!

Latest Headlines

We are now updating website, forum and league files ready for Season 6.  Most rosters have been updated, club finances, club pages to be updated......

Manager News

Everton appoint Darlington as manager.

FC Koln appoint MickeyW as Caretaker manager.

Brescia Calcio appoint Inzaghi as Caretaker manager.